Europe Direct is a service provided by the European Union to help citizens and businesses obtain information about the EU and its policies. The Europe Direct Contact Centres serve as a primary point of contact, offering assistance, answering queries, and providing information on various EU-related topics. The specific activities and services offered by Europe Direct Contact Centres may vary, but generally, they aim to facilitate communication between the EU institutions and the public. This can include offering information on EU programs, policies, funding opportunities, and addressing questions related to EU law and regulations.


Language Barrier

In the context of a contact Centre catering to citizens of diverse nationalities, agents often encountered delays and inaccuracies in message translations.

Time Tracking and Reporting

The absence of a monitoring system for query resolution led to a lack of pertinent reports for evaluating and improving workflow.

Interface Design

The citizen completion form interface was robust and not very user-friendly. Agents faced similar challenges with the support platform.

Inbox Organization

Managing messages from various domains created a chaotic and crowded inbox.

Objective Issue Evaluation

The absence of a system randomly selecting cases for evaluation and verification by project managers hindered objective project management.

Data Management Compliance

The existing system lacked the capability to automatically delete personal data in compliance with European GDPR regulations after a specific time.

Efficiency through Integration

Inefficiency and time loss were attributed to the lack of integration with certain features and applications in the customer support platform.

Knowledge Base Enhancement

Inefficiency, low quality, and lack of pertinence in resolving daily queries necessitated a change. Agents need up-to-date and pertinent answers without needing to navigate through different tabs.


The customer approached BlueTweak, to address their challenges and optimize the overall performance of their customer support operations.

Automatic Translation

Implementation of an automatic translation feature for every message received, ensuring efficient communication among citizens with diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Workforce Management

Efficient monitoring of agents’ working time, accompanied by a weekly report to provide a clear record of activities and contribution – an effective proof of work tool.

Smart Context Recognition:

Associating each message with a colored icon, varying based on the message’s age, facilitating a quick and intuitive overview of the communication history. Moreover, implementation of an artificial intelligence system to recognize spam or threatening messages, with the ability to filter and categorize them, identified by a specific icon.

Client History

Automatic synchronization of messages with the citizen’s previous interaction history, automatically highlighting unresolved cases, ensuring more efficient and contextualized management.

Quality Tool

Implementation of a quality assessment tool for project managers, generating randomly selected cases of interest to ensure objective and relevant monitoring.

Confidentiality and GDPR Compliance

Adherence to GDPR standards by retaining cases in the system for 3 years but ensuring the irreversible deletion of personal data after this period.

Knowledge Base (KB)

Integration with a knowledge base, providing agents with the best possible answers based on the case content for faster and more accurate answers.

EU Login Authentication

Option for direct authentication through EU Login for each agent and project manager, ensuring security and compliance with European Union standards.

Reporting & Transparent Feedback

Inclusion of a survey in the signature of each email sent by an agent, offering citizens the opportunity to provide feedback in a transparent and structured manner.


The comprehensive enhancements implemented have transformed the Europe Direct Contact Centre (EDCC), ensuring accessibility for global citizens without encountering language barriers. Leveraging a sophisticated AI system, messages are intelligently categorized by subject matter. The system adeptly merges repetitive or similar messages, optimizing communication. Notably, spam or threatening messages are promptly identified and marked with specific icons and put separately from the regular ones. These refinements have yielded a substantial 35% improvement in workflow efficiency.

Agents now benefit from detailed weekly reports, providing insights into their interactions with weekly queries, fostering transparency and accountability. Equally, project managers enjoy real-time statistics and a tangible record of agents’ contributions, enhancing oversight. The introduction of a quality assessment tool enables project managers to judiciously review and assess tickets or issues, randomly selected by the system. This anonymous feedback mechanism has significantly reduced time wastage, achieving a commendable 43% improvement.

The integration of the customer support platform with diverse apps and features has markedly increased overall efficiency. Direct EU account login options for agents and project managers add a layer of security and convenience. The integration with the knowledge base ensures agents have access to the most pertinent and accurate information. These strategic integrations collectively contribute to a noteworthy 36% increase in overall operational efficiency.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Europe Direct Contact Centre and BlueTweak has effectively addressed communication challenges within the European Union. By leveraging innovative AI-driven solutions, such as automatic translation and advanced message filtering, the initiative has significantly improved workflow efficiency. The introduction of weekly reporting and quality assessment tools underscores a commitment to transparency and accountability, contributing to overall operational enhancements. This collaborative effort exemplifies a strategic approach to meeting the evolving needs of the Europe Direct Contact Centre, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined customer support platform.