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Get to know the leading provider of customer service software!

Welcome to BlueTweak, the leading provider of cutting-edge customer support solutions.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to developing an innovative customer support platform, that will help your company deliver outstanding customer interactions, while embracing fast growth and thick profit.


Our mission is to reshape the way businesses engage with their customers

Forget everything you knew about a standard customer support
platform and embrace the cutting-edge solutions we provide for
memorable client experiences and countless optimizations of internal
and external processes.


We’re a passionate group of innovators who strongly believe in the game-changing power of technology

Georgiana Vezeanu
Chief Marketing Officer
Adrian Videanu
Head of Development
Andrei Ghiorghiu
Radu Dumitrescu
Head of Automation & Digital Transformation
Dan Genes
Head of IT
Daniel Simion
Office Manager

We empower businesses to deliver outstanding customer experiences and growth on all business levels

Customer support platform
Unique and outstanding experiences with BlueHub

At the core of our company lies our AI-driven customer support platform, with innovative features, especially designed to boost customer interactions and profit.

From ticket management and live chat to knowledge base integration and analytics, our omnichannel helpdesk software offers an integrated solution to enhance support efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Automation services

Elevate your business with Robotic Process Automation, within our next-gen helpdesk software!

Upgrade your business by putting our tireless virtual robots at work! Thanks to automation, they can execute tasks with amazing precision and speed, while your employees can concentrate on strategic initiatives that truly drive growth within your company. Our AI-driven customer support software is here to facilitate the future.


Join hundreds of satisfied partners and clients


At BlueTweak, it’s all about Honesty, Determination, Speed and Vision, the core values of our culture

Knowing that what we do today echoes tomorrow, we conduct our business by keeping these values in mind, as the driving force that shapes our identity and guides our path towards innovation.

Honesty: Integrity is the cornerstone of our company. Here, open, and honest communication is strongly encouraged and wildly celebrated. Trust is crucial both within our ranks and towards our clients, suppliers, and partners. This way, we can all enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Determination: Where others see just challenges, we see growth opportunities. That’s precisely why we approach every project determined to make the impossible possible. At BlueTweak, we tirelessly seek for solutions, until we get the job done, beyond expectations.

Speed: In a fast-paced world and an ever faster paced business segment, we know that agility is crucial. We maintain our pole position in the food chain by adapting to the constantly changing customer needs and expectations, so we can deliver the most efficient solutions, in the quickest time possible.

Vision: We dream big, work hard, and innovate boldly. We shape and reshape our strategies until we all feel like heading towards a brighter future. We aspire to inspire the tech industry with our relentless spirit and constant improvement.

Thanks to those values, we can proudly say we foster a culture of dynamic change and strong unity. A culture that drives innovation and personal growth to a whole new level.

Upgrade your business today with our omnichannel customer support platform!