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Empower your team with the advanced features of our customer support platform.

We know that providing exceptional customer support is crucial to your business. Our omnichannel helpdesk software is created to streamline your support operation and empower your team with advanced features, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.
Now you can truly deliver the kind of service that will help you build lasting relationships with your clients.


More ways. More communication. One integrated omnichannel platform.

We’re a customer service software, designed to handle the entire needs of a customer support team across all industries. Our AI driven platform brings together all communication channels. In a nutshell, we’re here to make every customer interaction excellent, while making your work easier.


More context. More insight. More integrations.

Now you can easily connect with any other software as a service product and enrich your data in no time! Gain valuable context and make informed decisions with BlueHub, our innovative customer support software!

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More agent efficiency. Less costs. The AI-driven customer support platform.

AI Assisted Message Routing and Classification

Elevate customer satisfaction in a blink! Our AI machine learning analyzes incoming messages from customers and automatically routes them to the best fitting support agent or department. No more waiting and less confusion. This customer service software makes everything much easier!

Agent Augmentation with AI

Super agents are in the making! ChatGPT collaborates with your agents to create flawless responses. Agents can now effortlessly refine and dispatch these responses, for unmatched customer service. Also, ChatGPT trains on your knowledge base, thus evolving to ensure your team’s best performance. Discover a customer support software that welcomes the future!

Smart Context Recognition

Unlock valuable insights and empower your agents with smart context recognition! With a single glance, you’ll understand your customer’s issues with precision, streamlining the process, and saving your agents’ valuable time, thanks to a game-changing customer service tool!

Personalized ChatGPT

Now you can leverage customer data and provide tailored, human-like assistance! With a focus on data-driven personalization, this feature learns from each customer information, ensuring that each interaction feels uniquely customized. It adapts, engages, and resolves inquiries efficiently. Your customers won’t even feel they’re interacting with a machine! Unlock a new level of customer support tools!


Elevate client experience with a revolutionary customer support software!



Allow our AI-driven customer support software to track, label, categorize, and prioritize support requests, so your clients can get help faster and more efficiently, leaving your human agents more time to tackle the harder challenges.

Automated workflows

Turbocharge your processes and deliver the best possible support by integrating our AI feature! Eliminate manual effort, while ensuring consistency. This customer service tool unlocks a whole new level of efficiency.

Automated workflows

Automatic Chat & Email Translation

Automatic Chat & Email Translation

Experience real-time translation for multi-lingual conversations! Whether it’s a chat conversation or an email exchange, our system seamlessly translates messages in real-time, breaking language barriers and facilitating smoother interactions. Embrace the helpdesk software that knows no borders!

Intelligent Knowledge Base internal and external exposed

Harness the latest AI and machine learning to organize, categorize, and curate your company’s knowledge resources!

Your support agents and employees can now quickly find accurate and up-to-date information, to address customer queries, while reducing response times and enhancing customer experience. Externally, our customer service suite extends its reach to your clients, offering a user-friendly and easily accessible self-service portal.

Intelligent Knowledge Base internal and external exposed


The customer support software that helps you unlock fresh business insights, with next-level reporting and management tools


Discover a new generation of customer support tools and empower your decisions with BlueHub’s real-time reports that lead to data-driven success.

Workforce Management

Allow our helpdesk software to optimize your internal and external workforce management. Our AI effortlessly manages agent schedules and workload distribution, so you can achieve peak performance in no time!


Elevate customer support management! Simplify configuration, maintenance, and governance with BlueHub’s powerful administrative tools, thus empowering admins to deploy smooth and efficient operations.


Experience the customer support platform that unlocks your business’s potential with BlueHub’s powerful analytics. Monitor and optimize agent performance, gain valuable insights, and achieve absolute customer satisfaction.


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