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Enable your team with the cutting-edge capabilities of our call center software.

We understand how crucial great customer support is for your business. That’s why we’ve developed our omnichannel helpdesk software to make your support process smoother. With advanced features, your team can boost customer satisfaction effortlessly.

Now, you can provide the level of service that fosters lasting relationships with your clients.


More ways. More communication. One integrated omnichannel platform.

Our call center software is designed to meet the diverse needs of customer support teams in any industry. Our platform integrates all communication channels, ensuring seamless interactions. In essence, we aim to enhance every customer interaction and simplify your workflow.


More context. More insight. More integrations.

Now you can easily connect with any other software as a service product and enrich your data in no time! Gain valuable context and make informed decisions with BlueHub, our innovative customer support software!

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More agent efficiency. Less costs. The AI-driven customer support platform.

AI Assisted Message Routing and Classification

Boost customer satisfaction instantly! Our AI helpdesk solution analyzes incoming messages from customers and directs them to the most suitable support agent or department automatically. Say goodbye to waiting and confusion. This customer support software streamlines everything!

Agent Augmentation with AI

Empower your agents with our AI live chat software. ChatGPT collaborates with your team to generate flawless responses, making customer interactions seamless. It also learns from your knowledge base to continually enhance performance. Experience a customer support solution that’s ready for the future!

Smart Context Recognition

Thanks to our innovative call center software tool you can gain valuable insights and empower your agents with smart context recognition! With a quick glance, you’ll understand your customer’s issues precisely, simplifying the process and saving your agents’ valuable time.

Personalized ChatGPT

Tap into customer data to deliver individualized, human-like support! Using data-driven personalization, this function learns from every customer interaction, ensuring each engagement feels distinctively tailored. It adjusts, engages, and efficiently resolves inquiries. Your customers won’t even detect they’re interacting with our live chat software!


Elevate client experience with a revolutionary customer support software!



Rely on our AI helpdesk customer service software to oversee, categorize, and prioritize support requests swiftly, ensuring faster and more efficient assistance for your clients. This gives your human agents more time to tackle challenging tasks.

Automated workflows

Boost your efficiency and deliver top-notch support by incorporating our AI feature! Streamline your workflows and maintain consistency while reducing manual effort. Our call center software tool unlocks enhanced efficiency.

Automated workflows

Automatic Chat & Email Translation

Automatic Chat & Email Translation

Enjoy instant translation for conversations in multiple languages! Whether it’s a chat or email, our system translates messages in real-time, breaking language barriers for smoother communication. Embrace our call center software that transcends language boundaries!

Intelligent Knowledge Base internal and external exposed

Utilize advanced AI and machine learning to organize and categorize your company’s knowledge resources efficiently!

Your team members can effortlessly retrieve precise and current information to resolve customer inquiries promptly, resulting in faster response times and enhanced customer satisfaction. Externally, our suite of customer service tools extends its accessibility to your clients, offering a user-friendly self-service portal.

Intelligent Knowledge Base internal and external exposed


The customer support software that helps you unlock fresh business insights, with next-level reporting and management tools


Explore a fresh era of customer support solutions and enhance your decision-making with BlueHub’s live reports, driving data-backed success.

Workforce Management

Let our call center software streamline your internal and external staff management. With our workforce module efficiently handles agent schedules and workload distribution, enabling you to reach peak performance quickly!


Enhance oversight of customer support management! Simplify setup, maintenance, and governance with BlueHub’s robust administrative features, empowering administrators to establish seamless and effective operations with our call centre software.


Unlock your business’s capabilities with BlueHub’s analytics! Monitor and enhance agent performance, gather valuable insights, and ensure complete customer satisfaction.


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